Graduated engineer in Mechanical engineering and Energetic from Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Marseille, France - I am an expert in the design and operation of processes, process modelling and control in the fields of energy, heat exchange systems and fluid mechanics - and I have acquired knowledge in the following fields: energy, heat and mass exchanges, thermal systems, fluid mechanics, computer modelling and simulation, uses of energy (renewable and fossil energy, combustion).

Actually, I was able to enhance my engineering studies in Sweden's Uppsala University focusing on renewable energy (wind and solar power, wave energy, and hydro electricity). During a year, I gained a broad knowledge of energy extraction while paying special attention to technical aspects, physical principles and the overall conditions for renewable energies in society.

Since 2008, I have gain expertise in wind resource assessment and project development while working for NORDEX, E.ON Technologies and Global Wind Power (GWP). With more than 5 years' experience, I have become an expert in WAsP and WindPRO modelling, long-term wind trend estimation, and wind park layout optimization.

Nowadays wind energy consultant, I offer consultancy services to the clients in connection with wind data analyses and related services. Global Wind Power is my main customer. Feel free to get in touch with me concerning:

  • Good practices in Energy Production Assessments
  • Requests for Wind data analyses and related services
  • Job opportunity